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Lucy wickshire.

About The Book Lucy must grow up fast and defend herself, before those that killed her mother come for her. Her journey to become strong leads her to understand her mother's heritage, a heritage to defend and avenge.  A heritage of women locked in a game of provoked to attack. A linage of women feared across all known realms. Now she must re enact what her ancestors did. She must remind all realms that their strength has not faded with time.  A Thraine is still as dangerous asleep, as she is awake. 
That took a lot of brain storming. But, this means one thing.  
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Series: Questions I answered on Quora

Q: where did the idea to write your own book come from?

It had just rained, everything was wet, there was no electricity and the sky seemed to frown.
Chewing on a bowl of fried yams, I swear I suddenly found myself sitting outside a tavern, watching a dark carriage roll pass. The air was humid and seemed to angrily blow by. The windows of the carriage were slightly cracked. Inside, a little girl with hair white as snow looked out at the bustling streets. Her eyes a frigidly cold glassy grey, that could put solid ice to shame.... Yeah.... It just happened.

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The Sister In White

About The Book. Since the war of the first era, the sisters of slah have kept their oath to the Creator, Mother slah; to watch the world in her stead. They wear their powers like skin represented by the colours of their garments. Things get odd at the appearance of a sister adorned in as garment of white, a colour reserved for the creator. Twin prophesies follow her. steps; one to kill, the other to save all.
In old times remembered not, Appears the sister in garment of white, The creator's colour, she wears like skin, Her face, hidden in beauty's mist, Wrapped in the grasp of two prophesy, One to kill, the other to save all, A split, as all take sides, The stage is set, To live or die.

I am a Nigerian author of the fantasy genre. The sister in white is my first published work. I wrote the sister in white at age 14 and published it years later, to give honour to a tale that gave me light in  my darkest days.
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